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You can have fun guessing at the Jazz, Classical, Rock and Blues influences as you hear them.  I find that sort of thing hard to keep track of.  And I suspect that it's not exclusively what we listen to the most, or what we label as our favorite music that influences musicians while discovering our voice.  

My experience of my own composing is that it is folk music from someone who grew up in Milwaukee, listening sensitively and expanding his awareness of music and people.  Being a continuing Jazz student is my approach to that now. So you will also find me performing with like minded artists.


  In 2003 I released my 1st CD "After Carefree Consideration" ,  a collection of instrumental music for keyboard.  In 2009 came "Keepin; the Minimum" , another keyboard release which included four songs along with 7 more insttumentals.  Performing a bit more as a singer following that,  I continued to write songs and released the single "Save the Date" in 2012.  I haven't decided a 3rd CD is the right format for future releases,  but plenty more will come soon !!

 So I hope you will stay tuned. 


Samples playing below

Painting by Tim Kloss

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